The Courtney Bed, For Kids With Special Needs

26 Nov

Who Makes The Courtney Bed

The Courtney Bed

A Beautiful Courtney Bed

Cyr Designs is the company that makes the Courtney Bed.  This is a hand-crafted pediatric bed for children with special needs.  In particularly for those who have a cognitive disability and need to be provided with a safe place to sleep.   The Courtney Bed is much more comfortable and safer than your standard hospital bed.  It is specifically designed for children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, Angelman’s Syndrome and other Developmental Disabilities.

Why Is The Courtney Bed So Safe?

Padding on the Courtney Bed

Padding on the Courtney Bed

Any child sleeping in a Courtney Bed will be surrounded by a solid hardwood frame, that can really take a pounding.  The sides are covered with soft-sided fabric panels which work to eliminate the possibility any child will fall out of bed and will stop nighttime wandering.  There are windows that are sewn into the netting which are extremely strong and allow for an individual in the bed to fall against them and not sustain any injuries.  There is a zippered entrance in the front panel of the bed to allow for easy entrance into the sleeping area.  The bed compartment is also significantly padded, which will minimize head banging or other unsafe activity.  The Courtney Bed is designed for maximum safety.

What Does The Courtney Bed Look Like?

What the Courtney Bed Looks like

The Courtney Bed

When you look at the Courtney Bed you will first have to notice it’s four-poster design which helps protect children sleeping in it and adds to the sturdiness and lifetime use you will be able to get from it.  It is a specialty bed that truly provides a safe sleeping environment to children, so the parents can experience sound sleep as well, free from worry.   The bed stands over six feet high and is seven feet long, so there is plenty of room for a child to feel comfortable in.  It is also extremely sturdy and stable and will easily sustain the wear and tear that a special needs child can produce.

Many other home hospital beds offered today, the Courtney bed is not extremely restrictive and there is room for movement inside the bed.  This allows children with special needs an opportunity to bounce up and down unrestricted.  This activity has proven to be beneficial to many special needs kids by comforting the sensory issues they may encounter.



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